The Board of Directors of the Maryland Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association appoints the following committees that serve at the pleasure of the full Board. The President serves an an ex-officio member of each committee.
Backstretch & Safety Committee
Christine E. Bricker, Chair

 Laurel Park
Lawrence E. Murray, Chair
Linda S. Gaudet
Finance Committee
Michael F. Horning, Chair
Ellen M. Charles
JoAnn Hayden
Katharine M. Voss
Health & Welfare Committee
Linda S. Gaudet, Chair
A. Ferris Allen
Dr. Robert Vallance *
Christine E. Bricker
Robert T. Manfuso
Legislative Committee  
D. Robert Enten
Alan M. Foreman
David G. Richardson
Katharine M. Voss
Racing Committee
Linda S. Gaudet, Chair
Dale Capuano
Charles J. Reed
Katharine M. Voss
Executive Committee
Timothy L. Keefe, President
Linda S. Gaudet, Vice President
Michael F. Horning, Treasurer
R. Larry Johnson, Vice President
Katharine M. Voss, Secretary
Aftercare Committee
Christine Bricker, Chair
Ellen M. Charles
JoAnn Hayden
  * Non Board Member


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