MTHA Welcomes MedStar’s Dr. Brodine To Health System

Dr. Joseph Brodine, who grew up not far from Laurel Park in Jessup, Md., is the newest member of the MedStar Health medical team that staffs the Horsemen’s Health System on live racing days.

Brodine, 39, attended medical school at Georgetown University and trained to become a doctor at Franklin Square Medical Center and John Hopkins. Prior to becoming a physician, the native of Durham, N.C., was a nurse for five years in the John Hopkins Hospital intensive care unit.

Brodine said he became involved with sports medicine and began learning about its importance to horse racing through Dr. Kelly Ryan, who is part of the team that launched the Horsemen’s Health System. Brodine called Ryan his teacher, mentor and hero.

“Dr. Ryan is the kind of physician who can get anyone excited about sports medicine,” Brodine said. “When I first came down to train with her at Laurel Park in 2018, I was struck by the strong sense of community at the track. I saw how she was able to care for these brave athletes who dare to ride horses for a living—as well as the backstretch employees and their families who work behind the scenes. I perceived great opportunities to develop care relationships with patients of all types, and when I became a full-fledged physician, Dr. Ryan suggested that I come down to work periodically to serve the folks at Laurel Park. I have loved it.”

Brodine keeps a busy schedule. About half of the week he is a family medicine doctor at the Franklin Square Family Health Center with patients of all ages, on some weekends works in the hospital at the facility. He also serves as medical director overseeing MedStar’s involvement in the Maryland Primary Care Program, which is administered by the Maryland State Department of Health and aimed at providing additional care management services for MedStar’s more than 42,000 Medicare patients.

Ryan said Brodine early on expressed an interest in her work with jockeys and the general racetrack population and has assisted her with some research projects the past several years.

“It has been a huge learning curve, and a humbling one, too,” Brodine said. “On race days, there are so many moving parts and anything can happen during a race. In between races, I take care of backstretch employees and learn about their jobs supporting different functions of the track, and again, I am increasingly appreciative of this tight-knit community bonded in their shared love and commitment to this sport. I have been fortunate to be supported by great colleagues including (MTHA Office Manager) Diana Pinones, who has shown me how I can be helpful. I am excited to work with the employees and patients at Laurel Park.”

Brodine’s wife, Leah, is a family nurse practitioner with Chase Brexton Health Care. They have a son, Guthrie, who is 3 years old, and a daughter, Helen, who is four months old.


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