Second phase of Pimlico barn transition underway

The second phase of the transition for the temporary stalls in use at Pimlico Race Course on the grandstand side of the facility will take place July 5-7, according to a project timeline.

As of July 3, a smaller 18-stall tent was occupied by horses that had been housed in temporary stalls that had to be returned to the vendor for use elsewhere. In addition, a large tent structure that will house 66 stalls has been erected. Part of it already is being used as a Receiving Barn, and some horses relocated from the original temporary stalls had taken up residence.

A temporary 46-stall barn that has been leased from FEI since late May will now be available to the Maryland Jockey Club through Aug. 12, said Steve Koch, Senior Vice President of Racing for The Stronach Group (1/ST RACING). That development has eliminated the need to put up another temporary structure because horses will not need to relocated.

Due to the simplification of the transition process, Pimlico training hours for July 6-8 will revert to the regular schedule: 5-10 a.m. with the first break from 6:30-7 a.m. and the second break from 8:30-9 a.m.

In order to alleviate any water runoff during heavy rain, the stalls in the larger 66-stall tent are elevated and the rows well-spaced to provide for adequate air flow and drainage. Asphalt berms will be added July 6 to further minimize impact should there be heavy rain. Because the tent’s entire footprint will not be needed, a quarter of it will be used for a walking ring. The tent will have three sets of 22 stalls.

When the transition is completed there will be 130 temporary stalls at Pimlico, which will race through Aug. 22.


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