Tim Salzman latest Timonium barn awards winner

Trainer Tim Salzman, who relocated his stable to the Maryland State Fair at Timonium because of the ongoing reconstruction of the Laurel Park dirt track, is the latest to be recognized by State Fair officials for having a "best kept" barn.

Trainers Bobby Leaf and Laura Roadcap were earlier winners. The State Fair, which currently is housing more than 550 horses from Laurel, the week of June 6 began recognizing trainers who keep the area around their barns spruced up. One barn is recognized each week for as long as the horses are stabled at Timonium during the reconstruction of the Laurel dirt track.

Andy Cashman, General Manager for the State Fair, said the judges walk the barns on a daily basis and take notes on trainers whose stabling and maintenance of the stables and road area are organized, raked and generally clean. Each judge selects the top three in their estimation and takes into consideration the work required for horsemen with a larger number of horses.

Based on the judging by Fair officials, the trainer whose stabling and maintenance is selected as best each week will be awarded $400, which will go to the staff of the trainer. There will be only one award per stable.


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