Waiver Claim Reduction Supported

The Maryland Racing Commission, at the urging of the Maryland Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association, has begun the regulatory process to reduce the waiver claim period by 60 days.

The current regulation states that a horse that has not raced for 180 days can return at a claiming price equal to or greater than its last start and not be eligible to be claimed at the option of the trainer and owner. It is a one-time waiver.

The MTHA Board of Directors in mid-March voted unanimously to propose a regulatory change to lower the period from 180 days to 120. The MRC approved it at its March 25 meeting.

The MRC also unanimously adopted a final regulation that alters part of the rule in regard to voided claims. A claim can be voided if a horse is vanned off the track after a race at the discretion of the State Veterinarian or if a horse is sent to the Detention Barn and observed to be lame by the State Veterinarian. The Maryland Jockey Club, under an emergency rule provision, had already begun the practice of sending every claimed horse to a specified barn in the stable area for observation by the State Veterinarian.


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