Policy To Not Place Restrictions On Entries Due to Marriage Endorsed

In light of a controversial rule in New York, the Maryland Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association voted unanimously to express to the Maryland Racing Commission that it doesn’t support any restrictions placed on entries due to marriage.

In late December, jockeys Trevor McCarthy and Katie Davis, who had been recently married, learned that under a New York State Gaming Commission regulation, if they rode in the same race their mounts would run as a coupled entry for betting purposes regardless of ownership. The rule has resulted in a petition that has been signed by thousands of people who believe it should be revoked.

When McCarthy and Davis rode in Maryland before their marriage and relocation to New York for the winter meet at Aqueduct Racetrack, they regularly competed against each other. It wasn’t considered an issue.

The MRC doesn’t have a rule or regulation that restricts married jockeys or trainers from competing against each other in races. The stewards, however, can implement such rules at their discretion under the broader statute that governs horse racing in Maryland, MRC Executive Director Mike Hopkins confirmed.


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