New protocols for claimed horses take effect at Laurel Park Feb. 12

The updated “void claim” regulation and related procedures to be followed after a horse is claimed will take effect at Laurel Park Friday, Feb. 12.

The Maryland Racing Commission approved the regulation in early December with emergency status to speed up the adoption process. The regulation is part of an ongoing effort in Maryland and neighboring states to increase the focus on equine health, safety and welfare.

The MRC already had a regulation which states that "a claim is voidable at the sole direction of the new owner, for a period of one hour after a race is made official, for any horse that is vanned off the track after the race at the discretion of the State Veterinarian." The updated language adds that a claim can be voided, for a period of one hour after a race is made official, if a horse "is sent to the Detention Barn and observed to be lame by the State Veterinarian."

The claimant will still have the option to take the horse for which a claim was filed.

The Maryland Jockey Club Racing Office said that effective Feb. 12, new protocols will be in place regarding any horse that is claimed. Every claimed horse not subject to reporting to the Test Barn will be sent to what is being called the “Claim Only Barn,” which is adjacent the Detention Barn, for observation by the State Veterinarian for a period of up to one hour.

There will be signage on the “Claim Only Barn” and a security guard will be present. Water buckets will be placed in the barn as well.

Claimed horses will no longer be picked up in the Paddock. The original groom will be required to bring the claimed horse to the “Claim Only Barn” and stay with the horse until it is released. Claimed horses will be observed cooling out and will be required to jog for the State Veterinarian. The horse will then either be cleared to leave with the new owner’s groom or the claim will be voided.


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