MTHA Members: Check Your Mailboxes

Ballots for the MTHA’s 2020 election for the Board of Directors were mailed December 1 to all MTHA members. In order to be eligible to receive a ballot, a member must have a valid 2020 license issued by MRC on or before November 1, 2020.

To be counted, a ballot must properly completed and received back (NOT POSTMARKED) no later than December 31.

All ballots were mailed from and will be returned to a third-party company in Pennsylvania which specializes in corporate and non-profit elections.

The MTHA office will not be able to distribute or accept completed ballots.

If you did not receive a ballot by December 12, 2020 and obtained a 2020 owner or trainer license before November 1, 2020, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name and current mailing address so we can check your eligibility. It would be helpful to also email a photo of your MRC-issued badge to expedite your inquiry.

All 15 directorships are up for election. Directors will be elected to a three-year term. Results will be announced in January on and will appear in the Horsemen’s Newsletter. 

Directors are elected to three-year terms. The Board is made up of seven owners, seven trainers and one at-large director. The at-large seat is filled by the highest vote-getter of the remaining candidates.

The following are this year’s candidates:

 Owners    Trainers

 Bonuccelli, Charles A. arrow
 Charles, Ellen M. arrow
 Dorman, Matthew M. arrow 
 Eubanks, Daniel G. arrow
 Gaudet, Linda S. arrow
 Hacker, Gary arrow
 Hayden, JoAnn arrow
 Heyman, Frederic C. arrow 
 Horning, Michael F. arrow
 Johnson, R. Larry arrow
 Kuegler, Thomas J. arrow 
 Lapidus, Mark B. arrow
 Nechamkin, II, Leo S. arrow 
 Pons, Joseph P. "Josh" arrow 
 Rashid, James W. arrow
 Reed, Charles J. “Chip” arrow 
 Robb, Gina A. arrow
 Wade, David H. arrow 


 Allen III, A. Ferris arrow
 Corrales, Jose arrow
 Cox, Kenneth M. "Kenny" arrow
 Garrido, Raul A. arrow
 Gaudet, Lacey A. arrow
 Gonzalez, Claudio A.arrow 
 Keefe, Timothy L. arrow
 Maldonado, Jonathan arrow 
 McMahon, Hugh I. arrow
 Merryman, Michael W. arrow
 Motion, H. Graham arrow
 Robb, John J. arrow
 Schoenthal, Philip B. arrow 
 Testerman, Valora A. arrow
 Trombetta, Michael J. arrow 
 Voss, Katharine M. arrow

Biographies for each candidate are available by clicking each name above.


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