Purse Protection / Retirement

PPThe Maryland Purse Protection and Retirement Program was created by the MTHA Board of Directors to provide an ongoing mechanism to fund Thoroughbred retirement initiatives, and to help preserve and promote Maryland racing by funding the Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Political Action Committee (PAC).

The MTHA has designed the program to uniquely address Maryland horsemen calls to fund equine aftercare programs, while incorporating the best attributes from similar programs across the country.

The specifics of the program include an optional $15 deduction from owner’s Horsemen’s Account for each horse that starts a race in Maryland. The deduction will be specifically allocated to Beyond The Wire($11) and the Thoroughbred Horsemen’s PAC ($4).

The Maryland Purse Protection and Retirement Program began in 2013 with the Pimlico meet.

Owners may opt-out of this program by filling out a form available in the Maryland Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association Racetrack Office any live race day between 9 AM and 4 PM or by calling the MTHA office at 410-902-6842.


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