The Maryland Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association prints all board actions in the monthly Horsemen's Newsletter which is mailed out to every current member of the association. The following is a recap of previous board actions, which have been previously published.  They have been placed on this section as an easy reference to previous activity by the board.
  2016 Board Meetings    2015 Board Meetings    2014 Board Meetings
PDFicon1/25/16 PDFicon1/8/15  PDFicon9/4/14
PDFicon3/18/16 PDFicon2/16/15  PDFicon10/9/14
 PDFicon5/6/16 PDFicon4/9/15  PDFicon11/5/14
PDFicon9/30/16   PDFicon5/28/15  
PDFicon11/18/16   PDFicon10/9/15  
  2013 Board Meetings   2012 Board Meetings   2011 Board Meetings
PDFicon 1/24/13 PDFicon 2/23/12
PDFicon2/15/13 PDFicon 3/12/12 PDFicon11/3/11
 PDFicon3/19/13 PDFicon 3/21/12
 PDFicon4/29/13 PDFicon 3/26/12
 PDFicon6/24/13 PDFicon 4/18/12
 PDFicon7/12/13 PDFicon 5/23/12
 PDFicon10/10/13 PDFicon 10/9/12
 PDFicon11/21/13 PDFicon 11/19/12
PDFicon 11/28/12
PDFicon 12/11/12
PDFicon 12/12/12
PDFicon 12/19/12

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