HISA: MJC vets have the authority to place horses on the vet’s list

Maryland Jockey Club veterinarians now have the authority to place horses on the vet’s list under Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority regulations, effective immediately.

The HISA Racetrack Safety Program, which began July 1, 2022, defines a regulatory veterinarian as a vet “employed by a state racing regulatory agency, racetrack, or HISA who, in addition to other duties, is responsible for monitoring the health and welfare of covered horses during covered horse races.”

HISA Rule 2142(2) (d), which deals with training, states that “regulatory veterinarians may observe horses during training activities. Horses deemed physically distressed, medically compromised, injured, or unsound may be placed on the veterinarians' list and reported to HISA.”

The MJC said a slip will be dropped off with a trainer or his or her staff that outlines the procedures to have a horse taken off the HISA vet’s list.


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